Computer Aided Intercom ( CAITM )


Intra-Office Communications Made Easy !!

Using today's complex computer networks and infrastructures to allow us to communicate ... Easier !!


- Patented Computer aided intercom and paging system via inter-office computer networking
- Easy to install & use
- Same software can be configured as server or client
- Paging users via broadcast or specific station to station messages
- Programmable Text-to-speech feature for message readout
- Large message scrolling for easy viewing
- User selectable sounds
- Any user can communicate with others from any station
- Easy to use by multiple people sharing computers
- Pre-defined standard messages included
- Support for normal, private and broadcast message types
- Normal and broadcast messages can be sent without specifying intended user
- Persistent and secure private messages stored on the server
- Private messages can be accessed from any station with the proper user password specified
- Private message notification/indicator
- Multi-user access to private messages without restarting application
- From any intercom station, ability to obtain user login status on all intercom stations
- From any intercom station, ability to detect other intercom stations in operation
- Message acknowledgement
- Messages can be replied to directly to the originating station
- User defined Custom system configurations


Product Details

The Computer Aided Intercom and paging/messaging system via intra office/inter-departmental computer networking.

Paging users
This feature allows the user to page other(s) via broadcast or specific station to station or person to person messaging. You can send public messages or password protected private messages. Through text to speech synthesis, the recipient of the message can chose to read the message on the screen or have the message read aloud by the computer through the computer speakers.

Text-to-speech feature for message readout.
If the text to speech feature is enabled, the target computer system reads out the message using a user  selectable voice from a list in addition to just displaying the text message.

Normal and broadcast messages can be sent without specifying intended user.
The requirements are: the sender must specify the intended computer system or group of systems in the case of normal messages and in the case of the broadcast message, a computer system automatically sends the message to all the computer systems that are running CAI™ and are on the computer network.

Large message scrolling for easy viewing.
On all computer stations, a feature can be enabled to scroll incoming text messages across the top of the screen. This feature allows normal/broadcast messages to be displayed as a large scrolling message for viewing from a further distance. Otherwise, new messages get displayed on a text box on the main receiving window. Color and scroll speed of the message being displayed can be customized.

Persistent private messages.
Private messages are stored on the server and are intended for private viewing/receiving by their intended recipient at any time.

Private message notification/indicator.
Private messages get transmitted initially to the CAI™ server, and the server notifies the intended station and/or recipient on any station he/she is logged in. The private message can only be retrieved by that intended individual upon logging onto the CAI™ system and specifying a personal password.

Message Acknowledgement.
An acknowledgement for any message can be sent to the sender and/or a sending station with a click of a button. In the case of a broadcast message, an acknowledgement is sent to all intercom stations including to the sender and sending station and then that particular message is deleted from the message scroller in every CAI™ station. If there is no other message in the scroller que, a command to hide the scroller is automatically executed on all stations.

Message Reply.
A reply for any message can be sent without specifying the station and/or the user. The system automatically routes the reply message to it’s sender/sending station. The user replying to the message however must either type a custom message or select one from predefined standard message list for reply.

User defined Custom system configurations.
Adding/deleting users, changing user password, adding/deleting Stations, ability to add predefined standard messages for repeated use, Programmable Broadcast messages, Change station group names, Change Scroll text color and speed etc.

Multi-user access to private messages without restarting application.
Unlike mail or other messaging applications, this application allows all users of CAI™ to retrieve their private messages from any computer station without restarting the application. The only action users need to do to retrieve their private message(s) is to select their name from pull down menu(i.e. login), click private message indicator or retrieve button and enter their password.

From any computer station, ability to obtain user login status on all computer stations.
From any computer station, you can find out if a specific user is logged on to another computer station by pressing the login status button. The function of the login status button lists all the CAI™ users logged on to the CAI™ network.

From any computer station, the ability to detect other computer stations in operation.
From any computer station, one can detect if another computer station is in operation by performing a function SCAN STATION from the main menu of the CAI™ Application.
Support of two different message types (i.e. normal and private). Also, broadcast messages are a special case of normal messages that are transmitted to all available stations.

System Requirements


  • Windows ® based system
  • CD-ROM drive or better
  • Audio capability
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Networking capability

Windows ® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation